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UK en BE Punk! The Shuffle, Truro en Face The Fax

Lekkere skatepunkrock uit Engeland en België!

Deze gasten hebben er zin in en wij ook!

Open om 21:00
Toegang: €5,-
(Leden + pas €2,50)

THE SHUFFLE formed back in the summer of 2002, with the same four members who stand before you today, since then we have had the pleasure of playing 200+ gigs with the likes of 5 Knuckle, 4th Fingers, The Dead Pets, Failsafe, All Idols Fall, The Living Daylights, Giving Chase & Rentokill to name but a few.

Live review 17th october 2008 –
“Macclesfield’s The Shuffle they’ve got riffs that are painfully good and melodies that stick in your head. they put on one helluva performance. they hardly stopped bounding around the stage, chucking out fast paced, massive sounding tunes. The crowd responded well, taking them to heart, enjoying the moment. they left the audience happy, but knackered.”

TRURO is another great band exploiting out of the UK punk scene. With an EP release on Big Cartel and a ton of great shows under their belt. Truro has a great stage show and a great EP.
FACE THE FAX is a punkrock band from Leuven/Antwerp that started out around 2004. Despite singer-songwriters and witty rock bands with an attitude being the big shots in these towns, the band has always been known for energetic, fast and catchy punkrock. Combined with a searing live performance, this has made FACE THE FAX a notorious name in the Belgian punkrock scene.
Since the bands expansion to a five-piece in 2011, the sound and live performance got another kick in the nuts, with added melody, power and flying body parts! FTF is a punkrock band with firm roots in the nineties, but with modern influences and a prominent own vision. We are always trying to reach a higher level, without denying the band motto: “Fast, energetic and no bullshit!”


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