di: 19:30 uur - 22:00 uur (wekelijkse vergadering)

do: 21:00 uur - 01:00 uur
vr: 21:00 uur - 02:00 uur
za: 21:00 uur - 02:00 uur
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3x metal met o.a. All Heads Rise!

Metalcore, metalcore en nog wat deathcore. Vrijdag de 17e is het een en al metal in de Flaat met All Heads Rise, Heaven Lies Awake en A Devastating Truth!

All Heads Rise
Female fronted Metalcore from the Western part of the Netherlands Heavy..Uncompromising..Loud..Aggressive

All Heads Rise has been around for over 5 years, playing numerous shows all over the Netherlands and in 9 other European countries, supporting bands like Death Before Dishonor, Born From Pain, Sworn Enemy and Death By Stereo to name a few… All Heads Rise sounds loud and aggressive. Influenced by various styles of metal and hardcore, they combine modern day metal riffage with heavy breakdowns. Don’t be fooled by the sweet innocence of vocalist Alma. Her vocals make All Heads Rise’s sound even more brutal! All Heads Rise is not your average tough-guy band. They are in it for the fun and clearly love doing what they do! Everyone’s more than welcome to join in… See you on the road!

Heaven Lies Awake
Everytime you see “Heaven Lies Awake” you wil ask yourself: “Damn, Why have I not seen them before?”

This band will let the ground shake with their breakdowns, let you fly with the melodic riffs and circle you around with fast beats.
Just in short notice this band came together as complete strangers to each other but when the guitar sound checked, the bass came out loud and the drums were going wild. You could hear there was nothing that could stop them to go as fast as possible to the stage.
Now this band is practicing hard and after a few times together, they have some awesome songs!

Keep your eyes on “Heaven Lies Awake”,
It will be the show you will never forget.

A Devastating Truth
A Devastating Truth is a five piece deathcore band from the Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands.

We bring you hard- hitting drums, combined with melodic riffs and extremely heavy breakdowns that will shake venues from its foundations.
All this with vile and rough sounding vocals and
low-frequency bass lines that will blow you away.
A Devastating Truth creates a unique, fast paced deathcore sound that can’t be ignored.

Toegang: €5,00 (leden + pas €2,50)


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