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Vrijdag 3 Maart – Bad Assumption (DE) en MNEMONAUT (DE)

Deze vrijdag! Bands! Helemaal uit Duitsland! 2x!

Bad Assumption (from Münster/Berlin, Germany) refuses to stand idly by and let themselves be eaten up the world’s suffering. With their new songs, they are off the chain, sounding freer than ever, not respecting any limitations to hammer home the importance of their messages. They were booked as support for Comeback Kid, Trash Boat, Employed to Serve and See You Space Cowboy and played various festivals during summer 2022. By that and with their first ever headline tour through Germany they proved their unforgettable energy on stage, while their sound is more versatile than ever: melodic hardcore meets pop-punk, alternative rock cut through with post-rock elements. It’s music for fans of Stick To Your Guns, Being As An Ocean, Touché Amoré and Billy Talent alike.

MNEMONAUT are a Berlin-based Band founded in 2018. After two years of metamorphosis, the project formerly known as ‘The Sky Below’ emerges from their pupal silence transformed: New name, new formation, new sound. On their debut album ‘Re:Dream’ the four-piece band embarks on a heavy emo-prog adventure, charting musical landscapes on a map without recognisable borders. Inspired by other bands resisting genre classification, MNEMONAUT seeks to create a sonic spectrum that ranges from synth-driven pop to crushing metal. After the release of their first album “Re:Dream” in October 2020, they aim to release the 3 song EP “Escape From Memory Lane” till Summer 2022. New Single “Elegy” & full EP OUT May the 6th

Deur open : 21:00
– Leden : 5,00
– Niet leden 7,00

Flatertheek is Cash Only!


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