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do: 21:00 uur - 01:00 uur
vr: 21:00 uur - 02:00 uur
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Za 04 Februari – Ilmarinen + Cambrian

De vikingen van Ilmarinen komen naar de Flaat om te feesten en plunderen! Wij zullen ze eens laten zien hoe we dat bij de Flaat doen! Die koelkast moet leeg!

De vikingen willen een tol heffen van 6 hedendaagse euro’s en 4 voor onze leden, slimme bezoekers vermommen zich als viking en krijgen korting op de tol; echte vikingen betalen 4 euro’s en vikingen met lidmaatschap betalen €2,50.

Ilmarinen is an Epic Folk Metal band from the Netherlands. Through their music, and an eccentric stage show, they aspire to tell old folktales, legends and myths to their audience.

The music they produce is a blend of metal and folk music. Loud grunts and distorted guitars that are well known in the world of metal, combined with danceable folk instruments like the violin and whistles. The keyboards add an orchestral layer, to put the “Epic” in Folk Metal.

During the stage show, the audience is assembled into an army and taken on an adventure where they have to learn the ways of war, and to take down the evil king who has been oppressing the lands for far too long. It’s an experience that you’ll just have to see for yourself one day.

Cambrian is a Progressive metal band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Cambrian emphasises dynamics and diversity in her compositions. They like to challenge you, the listener and transport you to different parts of your emotions.

This can be heard on their self-released debut album Point of Origin!

With new found members on bass and drums and new songs written for the upcoming album they are ready to get back on stage once more!

Deur open : 21:00
– Leden : 4,00
– Niet leden 6,00

Flatertheek is Cash Only!


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