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Bruise Control (UK) en PISS KITTI (UK) (punk)

PISS KITTI are a Liverpool-based punk band, born out of the desire for inclusivity for queer people within the UK music scene and beyond. Gaining popularity in major cities across the UK and beyond, their captivating live shows have landed them support slots alongside artists such as BLACK LIPS, DREAM WIFE and UK tour support for AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS. “They are a true reflection of what youth culture is like today: it’s gender-bending, it’s feminist, its ambiguous, it’s angry, it’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s art, it’s smart, it’s making a statement yet, not taking yourself too seriously, it’s about breaking rules to create a better future even if that isn’t intentional and it’s PISS KITTI who are taking the torch and running with it”

Sitting somewhere between 00’s indie and 80’s hardcore, Bruise Control have carved themselves an unlikely name in DIY punk, thanks to a handful of self-produced releases and a notoriety for chaotic live shows. Initially formed in late 2018, the groups foundations were strong – separate veterans of the Manchester punk scene, the core trio of Jim Taylor, Devon Cryer and Tommy Victor Morris originally set out to create classic garage punk, influenced by the likes of Gøggs, Nancy and Dead Moon. After the addition of guitarist Niall Griffin, the group utilised the unexpected free time granted by the COVID-19 pandemic to hone in on a new sound. Taking further cues from modern post punk acts (Pissed Jeans, Amyl and the Sniffers, Black Midi), the band bridges the gap between the traditional and the experimental, signified by the release of ‘Taxman’ in 2021 (no, not that Beatles song). After three years of writing, six months of gigs, two EP’s and a single, The band are currently recording their first full length LP, due for release in 2022.

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