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Za 6 en Zo 7 April – Speedrock en Ska

Komend weekend is het druk in de Flaat. We hebben zowel zaterdagavond als zondagmiddag meerdere bands voor jullie klaar staan! Houd je agenda vrij, poets je dansschoenen en bereid je voor op een topweekend.

Zaterdagavond spelen Deathcaps en Crooked Little Sons, beide uit Engeland, samen met Revölvo voor een stampende avond speedrockabilly.

Zondagmiddag kan je de kater van de avond ervoor vanaf 15:00 weg skanken met ska van de britse formaties van Fidget and the Twitchers en van Bossmags.

Zaterdag – Speedrock

Blend Motörhead with Anthrax and some Iron Maiden in a whiskey jar. Stir it up with a bit of S.O.D and Billy Idol, a splash of kerosene and a lot of talent and you’ve got a ready-to-mosh rock sensation that goes by the name of Revölvo. This West-Brabant-based veteran quartet added some of their own unique sound to make this blazing brew even more explosive and they’re ready to rock your world!

Deathcaps (UK) have supported (sometimes main support) for global bands such as: Demented are Go, Guana Batz, Nekromatix, Moonshine Stalkers, Rezurex, Gutter Demons, The Creepshow, The Brains, Graveyard Johnnys, Surfin Caramba, The Zipheads, plus many more top bands….. We want to help you decompose and rot down and we’re still hungry for more.

Sharp-suited punk n’ roll outfit Crooked Little Sons (UK) put the lead in your pencil and leave a brash, cheeky mark on every venue they play. Born in Exeter, the band have brought rock n’ roll to the modern day, combined it with hardcore punk riffs and some old school swagger to boot, to create a genre of music that is meticulously crafted to make you party.

Deur open : 21:00
– Leden : € 6,00
– Niet leden: € 8,00

Zondag – Ska

A hot sauce mix of punchy beats and funk bass garnished with brassy goodness, a pinch of irony and a whole squeeze of social absurdities. Fidget and the Twitchers is a 7 piece Ska – Punk Band based in Bristol.

Back home BOSSMAGS have made their name in the DIY punk scene on the back of their madcap music and theatrical performances that may include guest instrumentalists and performers bringing something spontaneous and different to each show. 

Deur open : 15:00
– Leden : € 6,00
– Niet leden: € 8,00


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