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Za 06 Jun – The Emperor en Nisse Bodil

Stoner Rock/Hard Rock & Punk Rock/Grunge, natuurlijk in de Flaat! Deze zaterdag staan er twee stampende bands voor je klaar om je uit je sokken te blazen. Ten eerste hebben we de mannen van The Emperor, die je de definitie van rock en awesome melodieën opnieuw willen uitleggen. Daarnaast staat er Nisse Bodil, die al op vroege leeftijd geinspireerd werd om haar eigen nummers te schrijven en nu jaren laten het podium domineert met haar gitaar.

The Emperor announces on the fourth of May 2014 the new spelling of ROCK, the start of using Heavy Metal music in the stream of sound and the return of the lost son of AWESOME MELODIES.

Influenced by the mighty Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, we play a psychedelic jam session with grooving stoner rocking riffs, classical twin solos and melodic vocals by the Emperor himself, under influence of the mighty herb. The stage will be destroyed with astonishing beauty, theatrical bestowment and catchy songs, brought with the fierce power of the ancient sledge hammer.

We are here to remind you of what Heavy Metal was and is all about: loudriffs, theater and spitting fire. We will burn the pretentious flags of false and misleading splendor that has been ruling our lands for too long. The end is nigh! We are the Phoenix from whose ashes a new world will rise. The Order of the Emperor is the mirror of truth for the deaf and a wake-up call for the blind. The Emperor wears different clothes today.

At age fifteen Nisse Bodil found solace in the raw energy of bands such as Nirvana, The Distillers, Joy Division and Black Flag. Their gutsy, honest songs fueled the urge to start writing her own songs. Now, years later, Nisse dominates the stage with her axe (Gibson Melody Maker), a powerful voice and haunting songs that might just take a nice territorial piss over your grunge/punk rock playlist.

Aggressive guitar riffs laced with thought provoking lyrics keep you on your toes. High-voltage drums will have your head bobbing as Nisse’s voice ranges from growling lows to shrieking highs. Never choosing the easy road.


Toegang: €6,- (€3,50 voor leden)
Deur open/dicht: 21:00/01:00
Facebook: Event (link)

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